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SAN 2013 - Banja Luka
SAN 2013 - Banja Luka 05.06.2013-09.06.2013 više
Indeco launches ONTARIO frameless system
Known and popular for many years sliding Indeco changing its face. If someone did not like the border around the door to a new system of Ontario is the perfect product for him. The cabinets with the new system profile is practically invisible and mirrors and colored glass are the entire surface of the door which will give the interior a very sleek and modern look. više
Subsidiary Company Quamiro
We are pleased to recommend the accessories for cabinets of our Subsidiary Company Quamiro. Quamiro offers a wide assortment of hangers, pantographs, hinges and drawer guides. All products are very high quality, clean, tested in our built-ins. They facilitate the daily use of cabinets INDECO. više
New shapes of Aluminum Profiles
We are pleased to offer an enrichment of our new, four aluminum shapes. Profile called Vancouver, Toronto and Kingston / Bolton presents diverse and very modern shapes, and are available in natural color anode. Apply to different types of systems, aluminum doors - sliding, hanging, folding and hinged. They can be used in fillings from the disc, windows or mirrors. Cabinets and doors of these profiles will certainly be an elegant addition to any interior and will definitely satisfy even the most fastidious taste of connoisseurs of modern style. više
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